Audio Lessons are Automatically Added to Playlists (How to Avoid it)?

Lessons are added automatically to the Active Playlist.

I haven’t found anywhere in the settings the option to avoid this. In the Reader Playlist settings I only see one option for the maximum number of playlists and nothing else.

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That’s actually expected behavior. Completed lessons are added in the Active Playlist automatically. That’s how it worked in v4 too.

Hi Zoran
In v4 I’m pretty sure I remember there was an option to ‘Not’ add the completed lessons to the active playlist … please kindly correct me if I’m wrong?
I too had noticed a huge list added to my German playlist, and had to delete them all ‘one by one’, more than once, which took ages to tidy up the list.

If there was an option to bulk “Remove” them, that would at least help to alleviate the time consuming activity - or adjust the auto add.
Thank you

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Nope Zoran, in v4 there was the possibility to remove this automatic behavior in the settings.

It doesn’t make sense to automatically add everything in the active playlist and then we have to remove them manually all the time.

Btw, a part from this thing to fix as before, today disappeared also the button “add to playlist” at the end of each lesson. Where we could add to a specific playlist any lesson. As we have the amazing folders now. But it disappeared.

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Hey hi Zoran!
V4 had a feature to not add completed lessons to the playlist, I am sure of that. That would be great to see it return in V5 because removing playlist tracks one by one is a chore. If possible, please return that feature.


I agree with everybody else. In V4 I had the setting turned on to “Not Add” the lessons automatically to the playlist. Now I’m having to go in and remove a bunch of lessons one at a time. Please bring back the option to only manually add stuff to the playlists.

Thanks Zoran


Hi Zoran / LingQ Team

Generally I would have occassionally added some of the more difficult lessons on a playlist while still learning/studying it them, and once I felt I had got to grips or mastered it, I would click ‘complete’ the lesson, and so I would generally not need it to be on the active playlist …

However, the new ‘course’ playlists are useful to have all in one place if I want to review a whole course, nice feature, although in effect that functionality was there already when you selected any individual course and used the play audio option in v4.

Combining playlist with the auto-scroll feature is brilliant idea in my view, and I have found this very useful/helpful to get through more extensive reading.

Thank you, br Frank

Furthermore, lessons with no audio track should not be added to the playlist automatically at all. Most of my imported stuff has no audio.

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We will not add the setting back to and all completed lessons will be added into the active Playlist automatically. If you want customized playlist content, you should create a new playlist and manually add lessons to it instead . That is why that new multiple playlist capability was added. You can still have customized Playlists if you prefer, but the main Playlist will continue to add all completed lessons.

The multiple Playlist capability is awesome and I use it constantly now but there is no reason to add automatically hundreds of lessons to the Active Playlist. Before it wasn’t like this and you should consider to add the possibility to not add lesson automatically.

If they get synced they could be downloaded on the apps by mistake creating tons of MB of space. I have already hundreds of MB on the iPad downloaded.

Also, there is no way to move those lessons from the Active Playlist to other customized Playlists. So, we need to remove these from the Active Playlist and we need to go back, find the course again, scroll until the lesson and add it to the customized Playlist. Because in the web version there is no possibility to add it straight away at the end of the lesson.

Thanks for considering it.

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Before, it wasn’t like this, but before we didn’t have a multiple playlists. With this feature, you can create as many customized playlists as you want. Same as you did with one available Playlist on LingQ 4.0.

Regarding moving tracks, we will look into it.

I agree with David about moving tracks.

Having the ability to move tracks from the active playlist to the custom playlists makes a lot of sense. It would make it much more convenient to create custom playlists since you’ve already got all your completed lessons in one place. With how it is now you’ve got to go back and search through all the different courses for each new playlist you want to make.

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Hi Zoran / LingQ Team

I agree with comments by Davide - there is no reason to add automatically ‘every’ completed lesson to the Active Playlist. “Before it wasn’t like this and you should consider to add the possibility to not add lesson automatically.”

Or at least please consider function to be able to delete them all with one multiple delete action instead of having to remove every track one at a time … ?
It is really irksome especially when studying several languages.

Thanks for your consideration


A function to delete everything could be very useful in this case!