Audio Konking Out After First 10-15 seconds


I wanted to report another bug I’ve been noticing for the past month or so on a pretty consistent basis.

When I start an audio with a lesson, especially when I’ve imported the audio myself, I notice that it will play for 10-15 seconds, then it will just stop. I then restart it, and it works fine. Not a huge deal, but I would think something you would want to correct to smooth things out, or send out instructions how to avoid.

I often use Audacity to reformat the audio in order for it to fit the requirements, to the extent that is a factor.


Same issue here for some privately imported lessons for which, however, I do not use Audacity.

@CTaylor, mikebond - Does this happen every time you try a specific lesson, or does it seem to just happen off and on? Also, which browser are you using? I wonder if you experience the same issue in other browsers as well.

I use Chrome (latest version) and I would say this happens from time to time, in different languages and with audio files of different length.