Audio is too loud

I bought a new headset today. This new headset picks my voice better than my old one. I could not figure out the way to volume down. So from now on, please be careful of listening audios I made. Please do not hurt your ears.

Hi emma!
I don’t know what kind of software do you use when you record your voice. If you use Audacity, you can control the recording volume with mic slide bar. The mic slide bar is by マイク.
If you don’t use Audacity, how about keep enough distance from your mouth to microphone? Move your microphone from your mouth to your head and try again.
Good Luck!

It’s not too loud. Don’t worry about it.

Nobuo… What happen to you. Why are you 反省中? Anyway, I am using Audacity, so I will try to mic bar tomorrow. Thank you!
astamoore, the volume of my older recordings is very small. So maybe I should try to keep the level :slight_smile: but thank you for checking.