Audio in the egyptian arabic course

It sounds like the audio is MSA, not egyptian. Can this be changed?

Thanks, we’ll check that.

Further to my comment, the play button on the page with the story produces egyptian, which is great. It is just the voice that you get when you tap on an individual word that pronounces in MSA. This also happens when you ask for audio of the fill in the blank exercises. Now that I have found pronounciation I can copy it is all good.

Ah, thanks. At the moment, we don’t have any other TTS voice available for Arabic. We will see if there are some other TTS options we can add in future updates.

Only the first 29 audios appear to be available for the mini stories in Egyptian and then in defaults back to the computer voice. Will the rest be added soon?

I’m new to LingQ.

Would it be possible to use Forvo for audio?

Words that are not available on Forvo can be computer audio.

I’ve been recording Egyptian Arabic audio on Forvo for a while, so I don’t mind contributing to recordings there (or here? not sure how).

We’ll do our best to have them added asap.

Not possible to use Forvo at the moment. Maybe one day we’ll be able to make it available option.

It’s okay, they’re working now. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it in order to access audios 30+. I think maybe the audio cache was full and uninstalling it refreshed it, enabling more to be downloaded.

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