Audio frequently doesn't work on Mac Safari


I am on Mac and use LingQ through the Browser (Safari). Unfortunately they’re a couple of problems I often run into.

First of all the there often is a quite long delay between clicking on a word and the definition appearing. This might be due to my internet speed and significantly improved after I bought a new and better computer. So this isn’t necessarily due to your service but worth mentioning since this problem would be eliminated by my suggestion.

However there is another problem. Almost twice every 1 hour session the audio stops working in my sessions. This often occurs after I take some action like editing a sentence when I spot a mistake. After editing the sentence I return to the course and want to resume my learning but the audio button turned grey and when I hover over it I can’t click it. This in unbelievably annoying and I have to switch to my iPad every time this happens (about two times per hour).

On the iPad I of course don’t run into this problem since there LingQ has it’s own app in which the courses can be downloaded and therefore are always available and the audio doesn’t randomly disappears. However in my opinion I prefer learning on the Computer since you can more easily rate your LingQ’s by using the keyboard (x,1,2,3,4,k).

Therefore I would like to make the suggestion that an application for Computers would be greatly appreciated and enhance the user experience since it eliminates the problems that come through using the browser but maintains the advantages the Computer has over a mobile device (keyboard and mouse). Thank you very much for reading my suggestion.


Same for me. I have both a Mac and a MacBook, and on both machines there is more often than not a long delay between clicking on a word or phrase and anything either appearing or any audio is heard. I often just choose to use my iPhone, because it’s virtually always responsive.

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I have the same issue on MacBook.

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