Audio for Danish numbers

Danish numbers have their own system which is very hard to remember.

When I click on any number in LingQ the popup says that you can’t make a link with numbers. OK I understand that but the other reason for clicking on words is to hear the pronunciation.

For Danish, I really want to hear the pronunciation. It’s very important in reinforcing the counting system in Danish between twenty and a hundred.

good article - danske tall – Store norske leksikon ( (yes in Norwegian but you´d be fine putting it right into Danish)

Talord - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi
The “Dansk” section goes over Danish words. In general I lived in Denmark and though I didn´t do calculations in Danish it was very easy to remember the numbers based upon bank notes. If I were you I´d try to get a book on Danish maths for elementary schoolers.

Thanks for the article. I was reading away forgetting it was Norwegian not Danish … written down they are so similar.

This is an example of something where I understand the rules, and can remember the rules, but … doing the conversion in my head is slow, it interrupts the flow of what I’m reading or listening to.

I think the answer is to hear Danish numbers being spoken until I can read them without thinking.

I think that’s how I learned French numbers from 70 to 100. It was years ago and I can’t remember now.

Thanks for the advice. Things aimed a small children is worth a look.

Bogmål and Dansk are basically the same writing system. Nynorsk is quite different though.

Forvo seems like it has made some changes to their site, but if you search for the number you will find native recordings of people saying them:

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