Audio File Uploads

Why is there only support for .mp3 files and not .ogg?

I"ve been trying to use Audacity to combine audio files and shrink them since you only allow 60 mb.

I was able to get over 100 mb .mp3 file to less than 45 mb with changing the format to .ogg

just curious, thanks!

Probably because it is not a popular request. In Audacity export mp3 files with lower bit-rate in joint-stereo/mono mode - this way you can make very small files if needed.

The perplexing thing about it is the five .mp3 files I have to combine are less than 60 mb. When I combine them, they’re somehow over 100 mb.

There is some setting that is, by default, increasing the end file size.

Still though, why not .ogg? It is open-source and been around FOREVER.

When you do anything with mp3 files, they are decoded in uncompressed raw audio data. After that they are processed, for example, combined or whatever. Then you export this raw audio data in a chosen format. At this point, you have to use settings that would give you target file-size. With the same settings, mp3 and ogg files will probably be of a similar size.