Audio file import stopped working in Safari

When attempting to import a lesson using Safari (ver. 16.3 on MacOS 12.6.3), I can no longer import the audio file. When I try to import an audio file, the audio pop-up window appears, but hangs with the message “loading audio,” and the button to add the file never appears. The problem began yesterday. There is no problem when using Firefox on the same computer.

In addition, broken playback of audio on Safari, a problem I reported weeks ago, is still not fixed. Between the two problems, Safari, the primary Mac browser, is basically no longer usable in LingQ.

Additionally, I reported months ago that I suddenly stopped receiving all emails from LingQ, with the exception of the weekly report of how many likes my lessons got. That problem has not been resolved either.

As a customer paying for a premium account, consider this an official complaint that I am dissatisfied with the customer service I am receiving from LingQ. In fact, of the numerous language-learning apps that I have used over the years, I have received the worst customer service from LingQ of any of them. Bugs take forever to get fixed, and there seems to be no way to contact customer service directly. Given that LingQ is among the most-expensive of the language apps I’ve used, I expect better.

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Thanks for reporting! We will investigate the issue.
Btw, you can always reach us directly - support(at)

Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that email option.