Audio doesn't download

Over the last week or so, audio downloads for the lessons have been buggy. They don’t start at all, or when they do, take forever to complete, or get stuck at some random percentage. I already un- and reinstalled the app (android) but the problem remains.

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Same problem here. Download is terrible slow 1kb/second! Can’t listen to the simple stories…

Do you have that problem on Android app only? Can you please let me know titles of some lessons you had problem with?

It can happen with any random lesson…and today it randomly started working again…but amongst others, it was lessons from the “Japanese LingQ” and “Questions and Their Answers” courses in Japanese, along with some lessons I had imported myself. Audio worked on PC, but I rarely ever use LingQ on PC.

Let me know if it happens again. Are you using wi-fi or mobile data on your phone?


I have problems for example with „Simple dialogues in Hebrew

@GTTAGTTC Do you have issues on Android app only?

I’ve got the same problem now on Windows 10 (Firefox and Edge browser) and on Android. The audios previously heard once or several times are okay. But for the lectures just taken the audio is interrupted after a few seconds (Windows) or do not start/ download at all (Android). It’s quite frustrating. Do you have an idea how to fix it?

I noticed the issue this morning. Android app. It would not download the audio, or it was going extremely slow. I deleted the cache eventually and was able to download right after that. Not sure if that’s what really helped or not.

Same thing for the reader in sentence mode! Anyone else experiencing the same problem?