Audio does not work

Hi, I have a problem with audio. When I hit “play”, the pause button appears but there is no sound and the roller is not moving. Also the numbers which should show the time of the audio show instead 0:00 / ?:??
The audio on my PC works just fine in all other applications (youtube)
It does not work for all lessons I tried.

The browser is Firefox 4.0.1
The OC - Windows Vista.

Do you know if you have a firewall set up on your computer? Also, if you’re able to can you try this from another computer at the same location to see if the same problem occurs?
Sometimes the firewall will prevent you from being able to download audio files through our flash-based audio player, so if it is your firewall then the solution would be to adjust your firewall settings.

There is no firewall. We can download mp3 files linked to ‘play’ button without any problem.
After download mp3 file also play’s just fine.

Sound worked fine only when we opened first page very first time. It would play sound when you highlight words or push ‘play’ button on right side.
After that it had never worked again. we tried to clean browser cache - didn’t help.

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As Imyirtseshem points out, Firefox 4.x.x is an older version of Firefox, and quite a few versions have been released since then. Can you try updating to the newest version of Firefox or testing in another browser to see if the problem persists?

I’ve had the “no audio” problem every time I’ve done a fresh install of my Debian (Linux) system. As far as I know the problem is always an outdated flash player. Maybe that’s the problem for raisasokolova as well.