Audio button not working (Linux)

I am using the LibreWolf browser (a privacy browser designed from Firefox) version 120.0.1-1 on Arch Linux.

The audio works when I click on an individual word, but I am unable to press the audio button and have the full text read out loud.

I have done all the basic troubleshooting of restarting, logging back in, etc.

When did you start experiencing the issue?

Immediately. I created an account and was still going through the tutorial phase.

I am going through the Hungarian course, which I know is in beta, if that helps troubleshooting.

Thanks, we will check that.

Hi @Hanzsek_Csongor !
It could be LibreWolf browser has issues with audio processing.
Could you please check the audio playback on your side with one of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge?