Audio book I was reading no longer available!

I was reading ‘El Nombre del Viento’ and reached Chapter 32 but the next chapter available is Chapter 92 and that’s it. Before all the chapters were available. Is there any way I can request that the chapters be reinstated? It’s a bit frustrating to get half way through a book and then for it to dissapear. Thank you.

If you mean Pat Rothfuss’s fantasy novel, that’s under copyright. You will need to buy the audiobook, e.g. here:

Thanks. I have an audible subscription, but I can’t work out how to turn them into lessons, which is why I was using one that was already done. Are there some instructions on how to do this?

Hm. Turning the Audible book into a LingQ lesson may be difficult. I would assume there are DRM-protections on its files, which you would need to remove (if that is legal in your jurisdiction). What I have done is simply listen to the audiobook in parallel with the text on LingQ. It’s less convenient, that’s for sure.

Thanks. I guess I’ll have to do that. Perhaps the person who originally posted it didn’t realise it was under copyright and so then removed it. I was just unlucky to have got half way through before he did it!

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Maybe they were trying to slow you down till the release of the third novel :innocent: (Joking. The third novel may not ever be released :sweat_smile: It’s a really captivating story, though!)

There is a way of removing the protection using software like Epubor, but I’m not sure it’s worth the time and expense when you can simply listen to the audio on your phone while reading the text on LingQ.

If you do like this, you need to buy also the ebook version and unlock it and upload it to LingQ (hoping it is the exact same text).
By importing only the audio from Audible you can use the Whisper feature on LingQ to have the text.

@sgjeffery You can use Epubor Audible Converter

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