Audio after importing from VIKI (KOR/CHN/JPN)

I recently came across a post with the following link that demonstrates how to import from VIKI using the ‘Learn Mode’ function.

The blog post says that when using the Mobile app, you can select the sentence mode option and the audio from the film/TV Show will play for each sentence.

I’ve imported from VIKI before but the audio from the actual TV Show or movie is not imported into LingQ, just the text. How can I obtain the audio as well?

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I have the same problem. I was trying to do it with a Chinese show. Did you ever figure out a solution?

I’ve just tried to import a less and this actually worked for me as intended, but not at first. When I clicked “open the lesson” after having imported the video via browser extension, there was no audio at all. The “play audio” arrow was grey (even though audio length was showing up in the lesson details). I waited a bit to see if it needed some time to upload, but nothing happened. I had to go back up and access it again through “my lessons”. Now it seems like the system has detected the audio properly, I could listen to the whole thing and in the sentence mode I could listen to the dialogue from the drama, not the automatic text-to-speech stuff. In my case I’ve picked a random Chinese video, but I suspect it should be the same for every language.

EDIT: I’ve just tried to watch it and yes I also couldn’t get the audio for the first sentences. The dialogues after the first minute or so seem to be fine

Yeah I had to do the same thing. Accessing it again through My Lessons.