Audacity Help

I study Haitian Creole, one of those languages for which it is hard to find audio and transcripts. However, I found a treasure trove: 10 hours of interviews with native speakers! The problem is, the audio is very poor.

By using Audacity and running the noise remover about 6 times, I have gotten the audio to a level where I can actually understand some of it. With the transcripts I could understand a lot of it, I think, but it would hardly be pleasant listening.

I am a real novice at using Audacity so I have maxed out my skills. Is anybody willing to listen to this snip and give me some ideas of what else I could do to it?

I think you forgot to upload the audio file.

Just click on the LinqQ logo. It takes you to the sample page.

I’ve listened, but unfortunately I’m unable to help. :frowning:

Ok I got it!

As far as the language is concerned, I cannot help either.

When it comes to using the noise remover and running it several times, Audacity always adds this metallic sounds to voices (and sometimes even in the background). I do not think you can do anything about that. It all comes down to the original quality of your recording.

I hope some other learners will have a clue.

Can you send the link to where you found the interview, I’ll try to look at a better way to clean it?

Thanks to all who have commented. Here is the link to the site with all the files. Go about halfway down to find the files. Indiana University Bloomington

I don´t know if this works, but following I have tried to share just one file from my Google drive.

I’ve listened to portions of files 1 and 2. There is “white noise" on file 2. Yet I can hear the voices clearly. An interesting phenomenon: some people read, study, or sleep with the aid of white noise. Put simply, it is supposed to help one focus and/or relax, particularly if you are in a noisy environment. In any case, I hope that Asayake, or someone can help you with this! 10 hours is a bit much, I suppose.

Hi, Imani! Nice to “see” you.

Yes, I can get the high points of what is being said, but I certainly can’t hear all the particles that are being tossed around. At this stage in my study I am particularly interested in acquiring those so I need to hear them. Of course, if I read the transcript at the same time I will see them and know they are there, but that’s not the same as hearing.

I don’t think I can stand much more than 10 MINUTES of the noise on these files. I too found it interesting that the voices do actually stand out enough to understand sometime. Guess that is what gave me hope that these might be “fixable”.

I am supposing that your French helped you understand some of what you heard…?

Only that which is recognizably French. Overall, I did not understand it. It is beautiful, the sound of it. I like it very much.