Audacity- audio volume increase

I think everyone experienced at times instances in which the audio files they upload on their portable devices have a low volume and this can really be a nuisance in my humble opinion.

Luckily I found this interesting software that can change things: ; and this is a link that shows how to use it (more or less) → How to increase the volume of a mp3 using audacity - YouTube


I’ve been trying this software and I’ve found a fix for a certain issue. If you want to export the file after you increased its volume into a mp3 file , you will need to copy and paste this dll ( ) in the Audacity file in Program Files .

You’re right MADARA, I also have to edit my audio from LingQ.

I’ve heard that Audacity is one of the best free apps for editing sound files. Personally, though, I use a commercial app called ‘Wavepad’, which lets you do some really cool stuff like cleaning the background noise, adding music, fading in and out, etc.

I recently got another app called ‘Mashup’ which is übercool. It lets you combine different tracks (including protected files from iTunes) into DJ style dance mixes, lets you dynamically adjust volume of each track throughout so that background music fades down when language content kicks in, etc. You can save the end result as a new file.

(My personal favourite combo is: Linguaphone Russian, The Killers, Sting, and Victor Tsoi. :-D)

Mashup? Where can I download it from (for free :slight_smile: ) so I can make a comparison to see which is better ?

Alas, I don’t think you can get Mashup for free. (I got mine from Apple’s App Store - it cost about £30.)

However, I think you can get a free trial of Wavepad for PC if you go to their website? (Again, I downloaded my Mac version from the App Store for about £50.)

These apps don’t do exactly the same thing - Mashup is all about mixing and combining tracks, and you can’t do nearly as much editing of each track as you can with Wavepad.

This is so annoying. I listen to Russian lessons on the LingQ iPhone app all the time. I have found that most of the lessons in the Russian library are too quiet. It’s normally ok, but the moment I am in a busy area, or there are some cars driving by, I can’t hear a thing.

£50 for an App?? Wow! Pretty expensive I have to say. Anyway thanks for your response (and good luck with your Russian).

@Colin: You’ll be surprised after using Audacity . When I had this problem I was thinking that I had a problem with my earphones or something .

Yeah, you can easily push up the volume with an audio editor. (But still, it’s odd that folks don’t do this before uploading the content…)

I don’t particularly want to download the audio, increase the volume, and then upload it again to a new lesson. I go through and listen to a lot of lessons, a lot of which are between 30 and 90 seconds.

Some lessons don’t have this problem. For example, the Russian lessons from Ress are certainly loud enough. I can hear them loud and clear, even next to a busy road.