Att bylta på : Problematic word


I have an issue with an imported book. I had had a hard time finding a translation for “bylta på” which I thought meant “bundle up” (The Glosbe dictionary eventually said so) but then a Swedish native told me that this word doesn’t exist.

You can find the imported book here : Connectez-vous - LingQ

So, I’m very confused. Is the native wrong here and the word does exist, is there an gigantic mistake in one of Twiligt’s Swedish book or did one idiot edit the lesson to replace the word that was there with something that doesn’t exist?

Thank you in advance!

I suspect this is a typo. Vi är alla bara människor! I see it every so often with Swedish ebooks. I think it is quite likely that they mean “byta på”. To change or switch on. “… even if I have to change (my clothes)” is how I would translate this.

In general I wouldn’t worry about getting perfect translations of every word. If there’s a word you can’t translate with a dictionary, I’d just lingq it as-is or ignore it. If it’s important you’ll see it enough that you’ll start getting a definition on your own.

Also be mindful with Swedish is depending on where the author or character lives they might be “borrowing” words from Norwegian or Danish. You may also find some slang from minority languages in Sweden, notably Romani Chib and Finnish.

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Bylta på is OK and it appears to fit with the text. Don’t think it should be flytta since she doesn’t seem to be moving. Bylta på means you wear put on lots of things to the point where it gets harder to move (sort of). I think they are referring to the thick blanket.

edit: more precise explanation


Tack för den bättre förklaringen!

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Ahhh yes, that may be why the Swedish native told me it didn’t exist, it must depends of the regions! Thanks for clarifying!

Yeah she is cuddling so hard with a vampire that she started to get cold, so it made sense to me that she was putting a lot of “pläden” around her/bundling up. I’m glad to know that the word does exist after all, thanks for clarifying, I’ll add it back! :slight_smile:

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