At-home immersion tips

I study Italian at school, and one of our assignments is creating a 6-week at-home immersive programme. I have been researching but can’t find many reliable (and consistent) strategies. I’ll insert a picture of what branches of immersion/language learning I’m covering.

In a nutshell, what writing, speaking, reading and, listening strategies should I be doing and for how long? Should I be doing them every day, week, etc? Would appreciate any feedback on what worked well for any of you in your study or what you’ve heard could be useful.



Great questions, especially the first three! I’ve asked them too. There don’t seem to be definitive answers.

Matt vs Japan and his friends at Refold are all about at-home immersion. You might check some of their YouTubes like this one:

–“Can you REALLY make progress with 1 hour per day?”

Andrew Huberman, a Stanford neuroscientist, has an interesting channel addressing frontiers of optimizing human health and performance.

In one YouTube, forgotten which, he recommended a max of three 90-minute sessions spead out over the day for maximum learning efficiency. Which is the pattern I’ve fallen into, so I thought it was pretty good advice. :slight_smile: