Asterisks next to words

I’ve seen some posts about this but thought I’d ask directly.
Why are the asterisks placed next to words when looking up a word? Some have one; others have more.
And what determines how many asterisks there are?
Funny, I’ve only noticed this in the last few days.

If you go to your learning page, beneath your activity, there’s a list of the top 25 links “ordered by importance.” You can also sort all your links by importance. This puts the 4 asterisk links at the tops, and the one asterisk links at the bottom. So I think the asterisks are “importance,” probably how often the word comes up.

Asterisks are an indication of the frequency of a word in that language. We added it to the blue pane quite recently :slight_smile: If you hover over the asterisks you should also see a little tooltip explaining what the number of asterisks means.

Let me know if you have any additional questions on this!