Assimil spanish with ease 2014


Apparently there is now a new spanish with ease book but with different lessons, can anyone tell me about it, do the dialogues differ a lot? Is the vocabulary very different, I can’t find anything about it online, thanks,

Hi Turquiero,

did you find out anything about the course you mentioned ?

Tuquiero, what previous edition are you comparing the 2014 edition to, when you ask if the dialogues differ a lot?
The current course in French (which I saw in a bookshop a couple of years ago) is very different from the one I used in 2002, which had been published in the 90s. I would recommend the edition I used, though. Like any older editions of Assimil courses, it’s richer in dialogues and explanations.
The course that was just published in English should be the newest version. You can send an e-mail to Assimil or write on their Facebook page to know more about it.


yes i think there is a new course out soon, i read about it on some othe language learning forum, the edition i have is the 1987 edition of assimil spanish with ease, i think the new one, is the old spanish assimil with ease for french speakers which is a different edition from the english one, so the new 2014 edition is the one for french, translated into english for people who are learning spanish, its says on amazon that it has not yet been released so i am not sure of the release date, i found some audio samples online just doing a google search, thanks

The new course is already available at It is marked as “Nouveauté”, which usually describes a completely new course, as opposed to “New edition”, which is used when a course has been revised and updated but not completely rewritten.
This edition will definitely be very different from the 1987 edition you have.

thats great mike, i had not checked the assimil site for a few months thanks,

Do you know why it seems as is the new Spanish with ease course is available from the french website (fr), but not the canadian one? I want to go and buy the book but everything is in French??

Assimil said they have been re-translating the site into English some time ago. No idea why it’s taking so long. Use Google Translate in the meanwhile. :slight_smile:

I never saw much of a change in the Assimil English-Spanish books from 2002 to 2009, except for the cover pages that I looked at in various bookstores. Changes may have been made to the audio recordings. I would asked them what changes have been made before purchasing. Also ask when their more advanced level (improvement-??) will come out for English-Spanish, which might be more worthwhile since you finished the beginner level.

I bought the new book, and the dialogues are different. There are only 100 lessons. I haven’t bought the audio, but the lessons are completely different. I have both editions.

By the way, you can listen to samples of three of the tracks here:

Thanks Elzby

I am, glad to hear the book is different, where did you buy it from, Amazon or was it the Assimil Website?? You should get the audio files too, you will learn a lot from them!!!

Yes, I am ordering the mp3 CD now. I love the assimil courses. I am using them for French and Spanish. The more advanced course, Using Spanish, is out of print in English and can only be bought used, I think. I wanted to buy the book first to make sure it wasn’t the same course. The new audio sounds clearer than the old course’s audio. The new book also has more thorough grammar explanations, in my opinion, and it has a Spanish-English glossary in the back, which the old course does not have. I think both courses are the same level, but it gives you variety if you want that. The beginning lessons are also shorter in the new book, but they get longer as you go through the course.

sounds good, i am going to have to buy it, just wondering, where did you buy it?

I bought it from Assimil’s website.