Assimil: Ease vs. Perfectionnement

Can anyone who has seen both give me a sense of how the content differs between the two? I don’t have ready access to a Perfectionnement.

Perfectionnement dialogues are longer and focus on idioms, vocabulary and more complex syntax. This is what I have seen in the ones I have for English and German (not the latest editions).

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They are basically just Part 1 and Part 2.

You seem a lot more experienced with Assimil than me. I only used it for French. It worked well for me because I already had a solid foundation in French before I started. Have you ever tried it without any experience in the language beforehand? How did that work out? Was it efficient?

It seemed to me that German Perfectionnement was only available in French, which is only a small obstacle for me, so I have ordered it.

I like ProfASAr’s ideas about pronunciation work.* That’s why I bought “Ease”.