Ask Luca anything

Hi all!

I just wanted to share with you guys the fact that Luca created a new series called “AskLucaAnything” He gives a lot of useful advice and he does it in English,Spanish,German,Italian, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese. Definitely worth watching it!

#AskLucaAnything Episode 1: Q&A – Talent, Motivation and Maintaining Languages (ES,EN,FR) - YouTube
#AskLucaAnything Episode 2: Q&A – Learning Similar Languages, Counting and Pronunciation (PT,DE,IT) - YouTube

AskLucaAnything Episode 3: Q&A - Starting to Speak, Absorbing Culture and My Daily Routine - YouTube

Berta te saluda


Thank you for the links!

I have just watched them, they are definitely worth watching.

It is so good to see thow generous both Luca and Steve are in sharing their expertise. Steve’s new short videos are relevant, to the point and even old hands can profit from them (me!).

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Yes! agreed. But not on the old hands, you’re no that old and you’re definitely a young spirit!