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I noticed today that LingQ displays a “Not sure about a term?..” information box/tooltip to the right hand side of the page (in the “Ask a tutor” section) every time when I lingq. I appreciate that this tooltip makes it more obvious that such a function exists, I’m however distracted every time when it appears. The fact that this box has a dark thick border makes it more prominent than any other element on the page that it just steals my attention.

Can I suggest closing this tooltip by default? :slight_smile:


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This Text from the LingQ-Support invite students to use the forum instead of dictionary’s or wikipedia!!!


@derekhyang - Thanks for the feedback! We will see what we can do to make it look better and less distracting! :slight_smile:

@jolanda - no, it doesn’t :slight_smile: It’s just an additional opportunity to ask native speakers if you still have any doubts about a word/phrase/lesson. So it is not "instead, it is rather “in addition” :slight_smile:

@galina - Thanks!

we will see!