Ask a Tutor Question, Subscribe to a Forum Thread

Where do you see the response when you use Ask a Tutor? I’ve posted a couple of Ask a Tutor questions over the last week or two and haven’t received an email response. Maybe I need to look somewhere else???

Also, on most of the forums that I am a member of, you can post a thread like this one and subscribe to it so that you can receive emails when there is a response. This saves having to check the forum and wade through all of the new traffic. I can’t seem to find this either.


As you have created this thread, you are automatically subscribed to it. As I am contributing to the thread, I’ll be automatically subscribed, too, unless I delete the tick in the little box next to Watch Thread (top right).

P.S. I have just skimmed over the Recently Active Threads to check for your unanswered posts. Since I didn’t find any, I looked at your profile. The only recent thread you started seemed to be a post in the Support Forum. I understand that Alex has been off ill for a few days. Perhaps you might want to post a brief reminder for him?

Thanks SanneT. I seem to have completely overlooked those large Watching Thread letters. I had looked all over my settings page however!! Now, how about the Ask a Tutor question? Anyone?

Thanks! So, who is Alex and how might I post a reminder for him? Secondly, just to make sure, my question is about a response to an Ask a Tutor post that I made from the lingq panel when I didn’t know the word or phrase.

Alex is Support :slight_smile: Regarding your old thread, the simplest way to revive it is to click it from your Profile page and add another message to it. Remember that we cannot demand/expect a reply to general questions on the Ask Your Tutor forum. Should native speakers be around at the time of your posting (and while the thread is in the Recently Active List), you will usually get a reply. People tend to be very helpful here.

I’m not sure these questions were actually posted successfully, as I don’t see any recent threads from you on the Ask a Tutor forum. Whenever you create a new thread, an entry appears on your profile (Login - LingQ). You can see on your profile page that the last question posted to the Ask a Tutor forum was posted in August. Would you try posting another question to see if it’s working properly? Here is the link to the Spanish Ask a Tutor forum: Learning Spanish Forum - Ask A Tutor - Language Forum @ L...

Just a thought, Alex, but maybe Watercamper means the “ask a tutor” part of the options when clicking on blue words and their meanings.


Thanks. Now I understand the system a little better.

Hi Alex. I just sent a long email to support so I won’t repeat it here. I’ve figured out what is happening just not how to fix it. Looking forward to your response.