As a new (and very happy) user, some feedback

Hi there, I’m a new user to LingQ (French). I think it’s the best language acquisition aid out there and I recommend it to everyone I know who is learning. However I do have some comments related to the flow of the experience of using the site.

1 - is there a way to add an “add course” feature, and not have the site just automatically save the course when I look at it? It’s really just browsing at that point and it ends up that we have to go back and delete multiple courses we looked at but ultimately didn’t want.

2 - on the iPad and iPhone versions, I cannot find a button at all to delete a course. I must login with a laptop and do it that way.

3 - while watching a video (and reading the transcript), if I save a LingQ the video stops and is replaced by the LingQ screen. I must go back and restart the video.

These amount to minor critiques, simply about the physical experience of using the site/app. This is still the best out there for my money. I’m wondering if the above are easy fixes or not. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! We’ll see what we can do about it in the upcoming update we are working on, that’s regarding 1 and 3.
Regarding 2, under the menu button below each course, you will see the “Save” where you can add/remove a course from My Lessons.

Thanks for the response!

Regarding #2, on the iPad I only see the courses listed but no option anywhere to delete the course. There is no menu button for each course.

You definitely can delete a course on a laptop without even opening it up. Further, when I click a course on the iPad and it opens the individual lessons, I can only delete the ones I’ve listened to. I wish I could screenshot it.

So I’m still at square one. Can’t delete an entire course from the iPad. I have to go to the laptop to do it.

Actually, you are right about that, sorry. I just confirmed with our iOS developers. On iOS app you will need to remove each lesson separately and once you remove all opened lessons from the My Lessons tab, the course will disappear too. That will be improved in the upcoming update we are working on.