Art, Hiking and More - What's New in the Library

Lots of new content was added in the last week, but we’ve gone ahead and taken a few outstanding examples from across our libraries. Take a look here,

As always, you can look for the What’s New shelf in your language for a full list of new lessons.

Curious about AI-generated language-learning content? Check out Lisa and her Friend’s Dress Shopping, a Japanese lesson with both text and audio created using artificial intelligence. Definitely an eye-opener - If we hadn’t told you, would you have known the voice wasn’t a real human? You can find the lesson here Login - LingQ

Ever heard of Russian with Max? The popular YouTuber has most of his videos here in LingQ, including a recent video on hiking. Max speaks clearly, which is a great help for those Russian learners who need help connecting what they here to the text they are reading. See the lesson here Login - LingQ

We also have a pair of Italian courses added by our Librarian nfera. These courses aren’t meant for beginners, but if you’ve made a bit of progress already you can try challenging yourself with them:

Check out Aldo Pecora, an intermediate Italian course aimed at teaching business and technology. The content comes straight from a YouTube channel so you get access to video from right inside the lesson. You can find it here Login - LingQ

Check out Michelangelo Moggia, a channel dedicated to analyzing paintings like the Mona Lisa. Again, this course isn’t for the faint of heart, as it has some complicated terminology. You can find it here Login - LingQ

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