Arrow keys stop working after creating new phrase

Just a bug report: When I create new phrase by selecting several words (or double-clicking a single word) and assign a hint to it, the left and right arrow keys stop working until I reload the page.

@JakubMarian - I checked this and it seems to be working properly. Here’s how I tried to reproduce the issue:

Were you doing something different? Also, if this continues happening would you check the error console to see if any errors are showing up?

Sorry, I didn’t notice that it only happens when there are no more blue words in the text (I guess there is some command telling the cursor to jump to the next blue word after entering the hint, but since there is none, it breaks down). I don’t see any errors in the JavaScript console.

@JakubMarian - Ah, I see. We’ll be making some additional updates to this page that will likely resolve this issue, though in the meantime if you just click on a yellow word with your cursor the keyboard shortcuts should begin working again.

@alex - I’m experiencing this issue as well. As JakubMarian stated, it occurs after no more blue words exist in the lesson. I’m not sure of this yet but the issue seems to be triggered when I update an existing LingQ or LingQ a phrase. Clicking a different LingQ doesn’t typically make the issue go away. If I click around enough, it does seem to start working again but I haven’t noticed any pattern yet as to what causes it to start working again. It seems that the “Ask a tutor” section of the side panel has focus when this happens because it briefly displays “Searching tutor forum…” in that section when I arrow to the right.

@cgreen0038 - Good to know, we’ll keep an eye out for this as we continue making updates to the lesson page!