Arrow key issue

Since version 5, I am having more annoying problems with the keyboard arrow keys when using LingQ in Chrome and Edge. This makes using LingQ highly annoying. However, all of these problems disappear when using Opera, except for (so far) one. When there are no LingQs in a sentence (in sentence mode), the left arrow of the keyboard does not return me to the previous sentence. When there are LingQs on a page, the left arrow of the keyboard works just fine. Clicking with the mouse, does work, however.

As an example, the left arrow of the keyboard does not work in the second situation, but it does work in the first situation.

I am sorry to report that one of the issues I have with other browsers also happens in Opera. In the first sentence of a lesson, the arrow keys don’t work properly, and the arrow button does not work either.
When I use the right arrow key, navigation is stuck in a loop: it goes from the first LingQ to the second, but when it comes to the last link, a word list is displayed and when I press the right arrow key again, the first word is selected, and the cycle starts again.
When I use the left arrow key, the previous LingQ is selected, and when the first one is selected, another press does nothing, which seems quite logical.
The right arrow button does nothing at all and because there is no previous sentence, there is no left button, which seems quite logical as well.

Thanks, I’ll test this on my end and let our developers know.

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