Armenian LingQ Mini Stories: Story audio names don't match text

All of the four or five of LingQ’s Mini-Stories lessons I’ve worked on so far have had mismatching names for the characters between the audio and the text. For example, the first story text uses the name Մայք (Mayk or Mike), but the audio uses the name Միկաել (Mikael). The second story’s text has Դաստին (Dastin/Dustin), but speaks Դարեն (Daren); the third Կարին (Karin) vs. Կարինե (Karine), and so on.

They aren’t far departures from each other, and it’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice if the text could be adjusted on these so that they match what’s actually being said by the reader.

In addition, the first two stories appear to have what looks like maybe Georgian script in the titles. Regardless of what it is, it’s not Armenian : )


These stories were provided by a volunteer and for that reason there seem to be some issues with them, unfortunately. We really appreciate the feedback.

I’ve sent you an email asking for certain details regarding the issues in the Armenian stories.


Though there are some issues, I’m grateful to the volunteer for giving us something to start with! The issues I’ve run across so far are minor and certainly don’t outweigh the benefits of having the lessons on the system!