Armenian is here!

I am overjoyed that Armenian has been added to LingQ! Thank you so much to the team for your hard work!!!

So far, I had been using the Esperanto slot for my Armenian lessons - how can I transfer them to the Armenian slot? Vocabulary is easy (export → import) but when I changed the language in the lesson page, said lesson didn’t appear under Armenian (which I had expected).

Another point: I understand that it is still a work-in-progress, but it would be great if you could add Wiktionary to the list of dictionaries (and if you could do it for all languages, even better!).

And finally: you have no idea how helpful it is to have this Armenian slot. Even if it is still empty. Please do consider adding further languages like this (maybe in an “alpha” category?).


Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to transfer your data/stats from one language slot to other. You will need to start over under Armenian slot.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will look into adding the Wiktionary (already available for many languages) for Armenian too, as well as some other dictionary resources.

Thanks for the answer! The transfer from one language to another actually worked for one lesson. I don’t care about my stats, just the lessons themselves. Well, I see some copy-pasting sessions in my future :slightly_smiling_face:

In case anyone else is wondering: to transfer a lesson from language A to language B, you need to first create a course in language B with at least one lesson, then you can edit the lesson in language A, set its language to language B and add it to the previously created course. It works seamlessly now, even for lessons with long audio (> 30 min).