Armenian - Audio Generation Doesn't Read the "Letter" և

Eastern Armenian has a glyph (և - yev) that acts much like English ampersand (&), but also is used in common words like բարև (barev). The generate-audio tool for imported lessons doesn’t seem to know how to read that letter and simply omits it, causing it to mispronounce words that use it (e.g., բարև, կարևոր, նաև).

Related, the romanization shown on the lingqs made from such words replaces the ‘և’ with ‘&’, so you get spellings like “bar&”, “kar&or”, and “na&” instead of “barev”, “karevor”, and “nayev” respectively.


Adding, too, that the text-to-speech that reads the lingq cards also skips over և in words, so there’s no way to learn the correct pronunciation within the LingQ system for words with that letter.


Thanks, we will look into it.