Armenian - " ՞ " character in words?


I’m starting with Armenian, and have a question about one symbol (to my understanding, it’s a question mark).
When there’s " ՞ "character in the middle of some words, like “Ի՞նչ”, LingQ’s apparently having problem with this, splitting such words into two parts. I know I can create lingqs for phrases, but in theory, could this be fixed so the words like "Ի՞նչ could have their own lingqs like regular words?



I did Armenian for a while too. In the end, I decided the only way was to highlight the main word, symbol and ending as a phrase and save it with a tag such as ‘‘question form’’.

In a sense this means that you will be duplicating known words in the LingQ word count system but this is the way Armenian orthography is and there seems no way round it.

The symbol seems to represent the rising tone of voice of a question which in spoken Armenian is very clearly pronounced. I think it’s use is quite logical although different most other languages.


Thanks. I’ll check with our team if there is anything we can do about it.


Hi Mr_Potato, thanks for chiming in!
Let’s see if this can be fixed, it would be more convenient to just consider words with the question mark as separate single words, would speed up things.

Duplicating known words are completely ok in my opinion, we always do it (more or less) while lingqing in every language (with verbs forms/tenses, declensions etc.).


Also, when creating a phrase lingq for a word with the question mark, the lingq is being created without the mark (and it produces wrong translation).

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