Are you studying any languages which are not available at LingQ?

I really think LingQ’s system is very effective indeed, the listening and reading is for me the most important process of language learning. But since I’m studying Afrikaans, a language not available at LingQ, I’m struggling to find an effective system for listening and reading. I’m currently working through Teach Yourself Afrikaans and that will do for just now, but I’m very worried about what I’ll do after I’m done with it. Have any other avid LingQ users experienced this?

I’m waiting for them to put Farsi up:)~, though I haven’t started the language yet; just learning the script.

It might not be practical, but you could try using an unused European language slot to import Afrikaans material into LingQ - but people shouldn’t use the Dutch slot for Afrikaans of course, as many words are similar or exactly the same, ) which would confuse Dutch learners, otherwise. You might have to put an extra space between words you import, so the language splitter works better. (I know your Dutch slot is taken up with your learning Dutch, anyhow).

I’m amazed how similar (and potentially confusing) Afrikaans is to Dutch! eg. Afrikaans: Hoe laat is dit?!!

You can of course upload your own audio files into your private LingQ imports, and add translations etc under resources for that lesson. You can type up a list of vocab from Teach Yourself and Colloquial (they have Afrikaans) and paste them into your import lesson (manually adding hints later), if you don’t feel like typing out slabs of text from books or whatever.

There’s a bunch of You Tube stuff for learning Afrikaans as you must have noticed, too. Have you looked at ?

I was trying to learn Amharic but I gave up because I cannot find a suitable dictionary. My paper dictionary is outdated and very small. The online dictionary required me to type in Amharic but I have not been able to get my Mac computer to install the fonts properly. As well, verbs often change their spelling so that they start quite differently from the dictionary form. The time taken for all that was too much for me. I have just stuck with German and Chinese, and now am revising my Spanish.


So they write academic essays which “will be original without any trace of plagiarism” to whomever can afford it… so the student can hand in his now-100%-plagiarised paper in theory without being caught! ^^ How awful!

Some services purport to supply companies with up-dated research which could be handy, but the predominant “essay writing service” is a plagiarism sham. Imagine students with money cheating their way through their entire degrees…

I got to be an honour roll student without cheating.

@terry - Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the guy on your link. He “guarantees” he’ll give you your money back if your essay comes back marked as plagiarised. By which time, you’ve been justifiably penalised or booted out of your university (at least, in Australia). Hope they catch the cheats! ^^

I could hardly believe what I was reading! Not only are they cheating, but if the English of the essays is like the English of this web page, it is way off being good academic English. The whole thing is quite horrific!

We had a student in a maths course I was enrolled in at uni a few years ago who actually stole other students’ marked assignments and lecture notes. It didn’t do him any good as he was not prepared for the exams, and so failed the course.

Sadly, some students will go to any extreme to try to save face and to avoid the wrath of unhappy parents. Some parents have paid a lot of money for their son or daughter to study in university, often in a foreign country in a language which is not their own native language. Failure cannot be contemplated.


Did you sign up simply to spam the forum with an advert to this essay plagiarism service? Also, the English in the profile description is terrible. At least the people who pay for the essays will be getting a low quality product.

I’m using the TY for just now, I’ve checked out some of that stuff but it’s a little too basic. Yes, Dutch and Afrikaans are incredibly similar I guess because of the Dutch in SA and their dialect of Dutch just shaped into a language in the end! I’m not learning Dutch no, I know quite a bit because we were in Belgium and Holland in the summer, but no Afrikaans for just now.

Schade. Aber Spanisch ist auch eine schöne Sprache.

Another handy aspect of Afrikaans is that it’s the easiest language for English speaker to learn.

Yeah, I’m thinking somebody may be trying to sell a product here.

I thought it was spam when he first posted it, as he signed up literally 5 minutes beforehand, had zero lingQs, no activity etc. Decided not to accuse him straight away though, as I’ve been caught with my foot in my mouth before… ^^

I removed his post :slight_smile:

I’m really getting into these Slovak lessons on Memrise, and is my only source of learning Slovak vocab. I know there are little bit of Slovak books on amazon, but I don’t whether they are worth getting. Is colloquial Slovak any good? I never bought a colloquial book, so I don’t know how it is layed out.