Are you scanning books to read in Lingq?

I have fashioned a very expensive workaround with Kindle books I want to read in Lingq* so am highly motivated to investigate OCR book scanners. Anyone know a good way to do this?

*It involves buying a copy of the book, copying as much as allowed into Lingq and then buying a new one. For the Elena Ferrante book I’m reading now, that’s about ten copies. I know it’s crazy expensive, but I can’t get Calibre to break the drm protection, and I read so much faster in Lingq than in Kindle.


I have the same problem, I have Calibre on Mac. And there is no way to get the book file onto Calibre from the amazon app. I have tried everything. If someone knows how to work around this let me know.

The only way i know how to do it is a take screen shots of each page from my phone and then it gives back to me in text, its super time consuming.

Try this search in google.: “Calibre to break the drm” There is a way to do it. Otherwise you will have to destroy the book and use a scansnap to feed a bunch of pages at the time. But better is the calibre solution.

It’s so dumb we payed for the book, we should be able to do whatever we want with it.


There is actually a better way, which will allow you to import to LingQ and still read on Kindle if you want. Just get your books from Kobo Books store or Google Books. Both of these will allow you to download through Adobe Digital editions, and there is a DeDRM app out there that works with Adobe. Once you take care of DRM you can upload to LingQ and use Calibre to turn your book into a Kindle book if you want.

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“there is a DeDRM app out there” …. what is that app, t_harangi?

It’s actually called

@cheska99 I’ve posted the steps to convert from kindle to epub (which allows you to import to lingq) in here: - just scroll down or search for my name

Some common mistakes include not doing the following:

  1. You’ve gotta install the latest version of the calibre plugin to remove DRM
  2. you have to use older versions of kindle. for mac it is 1.17, not sure about PC

the process works like a charm, I have used it for literally dozens of books

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Thanks. I’ll try downloading the old Kindle version. Should I get the current version off my Mac first?

Thanks guys, just used your hints to convert some of my ebooks to EPUB and import them here.