Are you internet expert?

I want to download an exe file but it does not work.

It does not work with firefox or IE - with or without my firewall.

Firefox says dowload stoped - when I press the retry it looks like it is working but when viewing the directory the file is zero kilobyte size.

I did download exe files in the past and never had any problem.

I want to download a rar extractor - I download a rar file that could be interesting for language learning -

what is the file link?

also topic title should be “are you an internet expert”

The rar file I downloaded comes from this site :

Probably not legal downloads but I think nothing should stop learning and I never read legal notices because they are always unreadable.

Thank you for correcting my title.

If you asked the link to the rar extractor I tried to download - there are more than one from more than one website and none of them worked - so the trouble comes from me or my ISP. I even try to download last firefox with my firefox and it does not work either.

hi! which ones exactly?

one rar file or one rar extractor ?

Well now I managed to download a rar extractor from another computer - but when extracting the rar file I got a file corrupted message. So I am tired with this case.

This week-end I have to investigate why this computer do not download exe files.

Any idee on that ?

Ok I deactivated the zonelabs toolbar in firefox and all is ok now.

To download files with a browser is as easy as to take out something from your right pocket with left hand. I recommend using FlashGet or something like that. In my humble opinion computers don’t care about extentions of files you download. If you can’t download something, try out again several days later or from other sites (or give up for good). If you see a direct link (i.e. an extention at the end of your link you click on) then usually you are home and dry. But if there is a script working on the site then you can do nothing – it is either works or not.