Are you going to add Swahili,Wolof, and any other African language any time soon?

Are you going to add Swahili,Wolof, and any other African language any time soon?

Amharic? I do not think any of these languages are likely to appear soon because it has been decided to only add the one that gets some large number of votes on Facebook.

1,000 votes are needed.

And even after getting these 1000 votes it may be impossible to launch that language at LingQ due to technical reasons. But the major problem will be that nearly nobody will create and/or upload lessons in this language.

Well, I guess Swahili, etc. remains out…

I expect that we will add more languages in the future. I also expect that we will have the time to address any specific technical issues that arise with certain languages. All in due course.

Of course, the success of any language will depend on the amount of audio and text content that our members can find for that language. I know little about African languages, but would imagine that the most widely spoken languages probably have enough content, podcasts, radio programs etc., as well as, hopefully, the odd enthusiastic native speaker member, so that we should be OK.

It’s easy to say “Please add these African languages now!” but without content and dictionaries, there is no point in adding a language slot. All those who want this or that language to be added should really collect links to podcasts, dictionaries, texts etc. whether LingQ will add it or not. The day you have (or know where to find) hundreds of hours of audio (+texts), the programmers know that they won’t work in vain.

Who said, “Please add these African languages now!”?

Nobody really, but now and then the question arises that this or that language should be added, after a poll or two, the crew decides to add the language and then there’s neither content nor learners.

Yes, that’s true…

Thanks everybody.