Are you a language bully?


I am not a language bully.

However, if you want to take language learning seriously, you need to reduce contact with people who are unwilling or unable to take language seriously.

My name is Jon and I am an alc…eh…I mean…I am a language bully.

There - I just took the first step to cleaning up my act! :smiley:

My name is Julie and I’m both annoying and a language bully:)

@ creimann - okay, I will reduce my contact with you, hehe.

Why So seriouszszszszs?

You mean Uncle creimann and Aunty Julie’s dangerous liaison?

@TroisRoyaumes - grinning here. Now, if Uncle creimann were British, I would have pointed out that I learned the 5 Chinese vowels a,o,e, i & u in descending order by remembering “An Old Englishman Is Ugly” hint, hehe.

Be careful. Old chap Jay may have mixed feelings for this.

I certainly have mixed-drink feelings for this, TroisRoyaumes…!

my first husband was British…hehe.

@steve- ahhh, you are a language bully…“what does ‘wanna’ mean?” LOL

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I am a language bully, love it.

I wake up every day and say, “Bully! More language learning!”


@steve Well, it’s better than being a ‘grammar nazi’ I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I always wondered if it was ok in Austria to call somebody a grammar Nazi when they correct my German. I assume not.



You´re right.

I call people “Grammatiknazi” when they correct my German…but I´m German myself…which makes it less offensive…
Only a ginger…can call a ginger “ginger”, I guess xD

Yea that gets you off the hook. I guess the same goes for race etc.

Ah, to be a black German ginger Jewish woman.

Wow…you´d be “allowed” to use a LOT of swear words…^^

I am a language bully. I have no shame and just can’t help myself. It’s too much fun.

I think native English speakers should know the difference between:
your and you’re
their, there, and they’re
it’s and its

Oh and “irregardless” isn’t a damn word. Well actually it didn’t use do be… but then the dictionaries started to include because we have some many uneducated fools in the US.

I also hear “was” and “were” used incorrectly. That annoys the hell out of me.

“Where you at?” is not a proper sentence.

My list of annoyances is actually quite extensive.

I do enjoy correcting the English of my Swiss coworkers… but we have a mutual agreement. They correct my German and I help them sound like a native.

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I was recently in a restaurant, in Vernon B.C., which aspired to be a sophisticated Mediterranean dining place. They had an item on their menu which included “Porta Bella” mushrooms. I pointed out that this should have read portobello mushrooms. They also had a wine which contained the “mouvèdre” grape. I pointed out that this should have been written “mourvèdre” They thanked me and gave me a glass of mourvèdre wine.

Tomorrow I will visit the Peace River country of northern Alberta where everyone says “I should’ve went”. I will not correct them. They are nice people, and happy speaking the way they speak. I think you have to pick your spots.