Are you a cat person or a dog person?

"Ask someone whether they’re a cat person or a dog person and you know everything you need to know about that person. "

I am a cat person, but I don’t know if I have the feline traits admired by cat persons.

I am a dog person. I am not mysterious nor sexy…

I’m more of a dog person, too. (I can live with cats, but if there were a choice, I’d get a dog)

I am definitely a cat person, but I like dogs too (I’m sure I could live with both).

I like cats, but I haven’t had any pets for more than 20 years. My wife is a dog person. She hates cats because as a teenager she was walking down the street with her pet budgie on her shoulder and a cat leapt out of alley and snatched the bird, killing it in front of her eyes.

I’m definitely a cat person

oh my…)
I`m a cat person, but… I have a dog )

It’s amusing : I’m definitively a “dog” person like most of my brothers and sisters I presume. No no no : I think my mom was a dog person and my father a cat person. So, who in my family is cat or dog? Let set eyes on.