Are there Youtube videos that can’t be imported?

I’m importing some Youtube videos but I noticed that some of them don’t work. (iOS iPad Pro through the app extension)

For example this one is an example, I’ve tried in 3 different days.

The message on the screenshot is the answer I receive but I can import others at the same time.


Hi Davide,

It seems there is no subtitles for that video on Youtube. We can’t import videos without subtitles.



But I’ll change the subtitles manually afterwards. So the video can’t be imported for that reason?

I’d like to make the video available in the lesson anyway.

You just can’t import videos without the subtitles, since there is nothing to be imported in that case.
If you want to import a lesson manually, to manually add the text, you can do that. Then you can add video URL under the Resources tab on the import lesson page and video will appear in a lesson.

Finally I got that. I have to post the video url in the resources but under the same language of the lesson to see the video appearing! Yeah.

Can I create a public playlist of these type of musics? Lyrics are publics, sometimes videos get deleted on Youtube though.

You can make public anything that isn’t under copyright protection.