Are there any plans to let us have formatted lessons, especially imported articles?

This is a very nice article about wine, featuring pictures, and discussions of various different vintages.

Les bons beaujolais nouveaux des Pierres Dorées - Lyon Capitale

However, it does not look pretty when it’s imported. Paragraphs aren’t retained, and the natural organization of the different sections is lost. It all just becomes one wall of text.

I use ReadLang to read articles like this now, but I would much prefer to use LingQ. Are there any plans in the works?


Definitely a major minus that draws people away from lingq. Especially Asian languages suffer from this problem

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Would be nice for the developers to at least indicate that they have seen people voicing this complaint and tell about if its part of the planned “next version” to introduce formatting.
Not really any point of writing in the forum if nobodys responding

Sorry about the late reply here.
@clausagerskov If you go through list of threads in Support forum, you will notice that I have responded on basically each thread. I am sorry if I missed this one, but telling that "nobody is responding"on the forum is just not true.

@miscology At the moment, will formatting be kept or not depends on the file you are importing. I have personally imported tons of lessons (PDF, ePUB, Word) and I do know that formatting is lost in some cases.
But not always. For example, I am importing the Mini Stories from Word File in most cases (by copy-pasting) and formatting is saved.
We are going to introduce new version of LingQ (5.0) in the near future, and it will include changes and improvements in the Reader too.


What is planned for LingQ version 5.0?

List of improvements and new features for 5.0 is long, but I can’t post it here, we’ll keep it as surprise for launching.

Looking forward to it!

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