Are the translation software programas a good tool for start to write?

I have a few weeks of begin to visit site and at this time I think that system for learn another language is very good. Previously I don’t have any formal class of English and the little bit I know about this language is thanks to watch TV, hear music and when I’m traveling I need to speak necessarily and, as some people says here: need is mother to action. Well I want to say that my ability to hear and understand English is acceptable likewise I can speak successfully. I mean about 50 to 60 percent of knowledge. Among other things, my ability to write is lesser than to hear specially in past tense because it’s to difficult to know and to learn the great amount of irregulars verbs. On the other hand I don’t for sure if is convenient to use the translation soft-wares in Internet. I don’t know until what time a student can use this tool, only in the beginning? during a few stages? always? depends? or the time will saying me when stop to use it?..
My worry is about the habit because it can will turning in a dependence, I mean, you know, If I can’t to use my translation software maybe I can’t feel sure or I can’t know how to write some sentences for example.
I wil appreciate any comment about this subject and I want to apologize for my poor level of writte English (If someone want, please go ahead with the corrections… thanks a lot)

In my view, the important thing is to spend time with the language doing things that you like to do. When you feel like writing, write. If you are lazy , like me, and sometimes prefer to rely on translation software and then review it, that is also beneficial in my view. I do it all the time. The more exposure to the language, the better you will get.

Here is another thing that I have started to do and will continue to do. Save phrases in LingQ, including phrases that you understand, but feel you are unable to produce yourself. Translate the phrases into Spanish in your case. Tag these LingQs as phrases, (or wait till next week when you will be able to sort your vocabulary for phrases only).

This will give you a list of phrases. Now go through these phrases in the Flash Cards. However, in the Settings area of the Flash Cards, set them so that the Spanish (your native language) appears on the front. Now when you see the Spanish try to say the phrase in English (your target language). You can even write them down if you want. Then compare with the original phrase.

In this way you can work on short phrases, and eventually longer phrases. This is a lot less work than writing long paragraphs. This may help your writing, as will using google translate in my view. Ultimately you should submit writing for correction by a tutor, from time to time.

Thank you Steve for your advice. It’s important to me to know that you are using the translation software till now because your experience with this tool has been good.
In my case I try to write mainly in English without translation Spanish-English and review it. Is a little slow way but I think that is more productive for my learning.
With Flash Cards I will start to use phrases in Spanish and then to try to write them in English, I think that’s a good idea to improve my ability to write.
Well I just want to tell you thanks again and I hope to post more things in next days.