Are the mini-stories copyrighted?

I got this question from a Faroese person who I´m talking to about translating the mini-stories to Faroese.

His concern was that if he spent time and effort translating some of the mini-stories to Faroese and if for example the whole 60 stories wouldn´t ever be completed and thus never available on LingQ anyway, or since normally mini-stories aren´t free for anyone to use with translations, he would then at least like to be able to publish the English version of the mini-stories and the Faroese translations he had made somewhere else legally (at least for non-profit).

Would he be legally allowed to do that in this case?


IANAL but in at least one youtube video Steve says the the mini-story text and audio is “in the public domain”. Public domain work can be used without copyright issues.

Reading Stories Accelerates Language Learning - YouTube [5:13]

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All lessons on LingQ (including the Mini Stories) are available for free. The Mini Stories aren’t copyrighted.


Thanks for clearing this up. Work has started on translating Faroese. It´s going slowly but it´s a start and I think it will eventually get done.