Are non-English base languages available at LingQ?

I have seen the list of languages available for learning by English speakers at LingQ. The question arises whether non-English speakers can use LingQ to learn another language. For example, can a Russian speaker learn French at LingQ without using any English? Is there a grid of mother-tongues versus target languages available at LingQ?

Yes, you only need to change a couple settings to suit your needs.

The list of languages is for everybody to learn, not just for English speakers.

Yes. I’m German and learn Swedish without having to use English.

If you click on your name at the top and go to account settings and then to profile you can set several language options. I find it helps to keep the interface English (so I can follow directions where to click) but set native/dictionary language to German.

The only problem might be that there will be fewer previously saved user hints if you use a language combination that fewer people have used before. Also, if there are no good dictionaries that do your desired language combination well, it might also be more difficult. In the latter case, you can always suggest dictionaries and they will often be added.

Sometimes I switch the LingQ interface to a language I am learning at the moment.
I have nevere seen the list of the languages in any other languages but English.
At the moment my interface is in German but the list of the languages is still in English.