Arbitrary rule

From time to time I receive an information that somebody edited one of my lessons.
First of all, I consider such corrections without the consent of the author as an arbitrary rule.
Secondly, such general information without giving specific cases of corrections means nothing because I don’t know what specific word or sentence this ‘editor’ changed in my lesson.
For example, today I received the information that a certain ‘hdemunck’ edited more than 20 of my lessons! I need the whole day to understand which corrections were done because I didn’t receive the information about the specific corrections.
Who is this ‘HDEMUNCK’ ?.. I tried to find him in to precise what corrections he or she had made, but I couldn’t find them!
That’s why I ask the administration of to give the specific corrections if they were done and not to send a general blind information that someone ‘edited your lesson’.


Hi Evgueny,
When you open a lesson, after you receive notification that it was edited, on the Edit lesson page there is a button “Save and Approve Changes”. So it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep the changes or not.
We will see if we can somehow show what exactly was edited, but mostly we suggest users to edit if they notice typing errors.

Hi Zoran,
Does that mean the changes do not show for the public as a whole until (and if) the author decides to apply the changes?

No, they do show to public right away, but content owner can decline changes and switch back to his version if he prefer.