For a couple of weeks now, I have experienced some problems while reading certain texts in Arabic. It seems that certain words that I have added a translation to, or marked as “known”, show up as blue/new words. Also, I often experience that text that I have read is not registered as read (i.e. with a green colour in the progress bar above the text. At other times; text previously marked as read, goes back to being marked as “new text”). Today and yesterday, the language statistics says I have not read any words at all, even though I’ve read several texts. Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

I’m having similar problems with arabic. When I mark certain words as lingqs, they continually revert back to a new word in blue.

Is this being fixed?

At the time when I was studying Arabic, the problem with those words were the diacritics. Really, Arabic is not easy as a pure beginner at Lingq (Or almost impossible). The diacritics are not handled at all, so you can only LingQ words without them. I was hoping that now Steve started learning Arabic, those problems might be treated. Arabic would need a lot of beginner lessons as well. In the Chinese library there are loads of easy short lessons with clear audio, in the Arabic library, most lessons were too long for me and with and audio quality not suitable for a beginner.

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Hi little_lily,
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Arabic. Can you please send us link to a lesson in which you noticed that issue? You can send it to support(at)