Arabic with the Harakat

Is it possible to have lingQ include the harakat in the script? I haven’t reached the stage where i can effectively read without them. Is it better to just keep learning vocabulary without the Harakat for now?

Sorry, but adding Harakat isn’t in plans at the moment. You should spend some time first learning Arabic alphabet. I don’t have experience with it, but if you look through the forum, you will see that other learners experience with learning Arabic letter are actually quite positive.
You are also welcome to start your own forum thread on that subject and get some suggestions from other Arabic learners.

I’ve been learning Arabic for nearly a year now. At first I thought it a good idea to use texts with harakat. For me that didn’t work out because I like to use the SRS-function. If texts are voweled there’s often no standard, like are the sukoon and shadda added? Is it only the stem vowel of the verbs?

After all, it’s now almost easier to read without harakat. You get the meaning of the text anyway. But for sure - you won’t necessarily be able to pronounce everything correctly.

lingq can handle text with harakat. It’s just a matter of finding an arabic text that has it. There are already some that are available on lingq. For example Login - LingQ , you can upload your own texts with harakat no problems, as long as you have a source text with harakat.