Arabic text-to-speech differs from audio

I started listening to the beginner 1 material for Arabic. I am still learning the script so when I create a lingq I often listen to text-to-speech. I noticed that the words are pronounced very differently. Why is that? I’m a total beginner and hopelessly

Which browser are you using? Unfortunately Arabic TTS isn’t yet great on Google, so most probably that’s why you have this issue.

I’m using google chrome but also silk browser on my kindle. Would you recommend using a different browser on the computer then?

TTS sounds different on different browsers, so you can try other browser to check if the quality will improve.

Will try, however now there is another issue with Arabic. The app (on android) does neither show the lingqs as yellow nor does it auto-text-to-speech. That’s quite a nuisance, because I’m only learning the script now and Arabic is all a big blurr with some sorta familiar words :smiley:

Btw other languages seem to work fine. I tried with Russian

I tried mozilla, but I will not even be able to open the lesson, there is just a blank page…

Hi Safran,
I’m also learning Arabic and using android and I’m not having any issue. :confused: Perhaps you need to update the app or reinstall it?

I just recently installed it (last week) so it should technically be up-to-date. I only seem to have issues with Arabic, everything else displays as usual…