Arabic Reading Acquisition

On the All Blogs page under Friends I came across this fascinating post by one of our lesser known members, [lesser know to this forum, that is]:

Arabic Reading Acquisition (Science Daily) by OrangeRoomStudios

Science Daily reports here on brain research about the difficulty of reading acquisition in Arabic. Research done at the University of Haifa in Israel investigated the idea that the visual complexity of written Arabic causes “perceptual overload“, making reading slower and more difficult than reading in other languages.

"The results have revealed that the right brain is involved in the reading process for English and Hebrew, but not for Arabic. " Reading Arabic isn't easy, brain study suggests -- ScienceDaily

“Right Brain v Left Brain” Reading Arabic isn't easy, brain study suggests -- ScienceDaily

Right Brain v Left Brain

We Japanese are supposed to use both right and left brains while we are reading Japanese sentences. I don’t know if this statement is true or not because I have no knowledge of it.

According to this test I am totally right-brained. I can’t believe! After all I am a programmer and I am right-handed. On the other hand, I am sort of ambidextrous…

Wow, at first the dancer turned just to the right, but then when I put on my glasses and stared sternly at her, she turned direction. Wonderfully weird. Thank you.

As to the left and right brain function in learning to read: they are talking about children’s learning patterns. I have had no difficulty to learn to read the Cyrillic and Arabic scripts, as an adult (Arabic as a fairly mature adult).

@ Ytk031: Now I know why our Japanese members here are all so accomplished, so well-rounded.

About two hemispheres of the brain
Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

Wow, what a fascinating video (and it led me to watch a video by Victor Frankl, whose ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ I read at least once a year, just to remind me of what we are capable). Thank you, ytk031.