Arabic newspapers


Do you know of any good Arabic online newspaper?

I mostly read BBC Arabic and find it great but it’s basically Western news in Arabic, and not Arabic news. I’d like something written by Arabs for Arabs, good and that wouldn’t be propaganda news like Al Ahram or that kind of newspapers. I read it in the past but it was like reading the Egyptian regime’s statements and I got tired of it…

I don’t read arabic but Al-Jazeera is a very famous news outlet from Qatar. It’s funded by the Qatari royal family so it’s not unbiased independent news but they have some interesting articles.

Generations of sovietologists had nothing but propaganda and you’re complaining?!?I Try al masri al-youm I think it is still privately owned, although self-censorship is a problem. Also once in a while there is an op-ed from the UAE papers that offers something to challenge the domonent currents in Arab society.
But really you should embrace the dark side. I find reading the english site of maannews and then google translate- puzzle out a few key words on the arabic side to be quite entertaining…
(all a little bit tongue in cheek)

You’re right! Actually I regularly watch Al-Jazeera on TV, both in English and in Arabic and really like their content. It never occurred to me that I could also read the news on their website. Thanks! ^^

I’ve never been an admirer of the USSR or Russia. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take a look at al masri al youm thanks!