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I know some arabic, I am beginner 1, but I tried one lesson and I don’t understand because it is Egyptian, I have started with standard arabic, some words will be the same I hope later but the greetings, are very different, in this first lesson, where do I find standard arabic in this course. Many thanks for your help, I am in Montreal, Canada.


Hi Huguette
Have a look at :


Hello Hugette,

Standard Arabic is such a logical and structured language…almost like mathematics, in my opinion, that you need to start with learning the grammar and how verbs take on suffixes (endings) consistently and logically to represent who is speaking. For example I read, He reads, She reads, have the same root, but different endings. And just like French, there is singular and plural and in Arabic, a ‘dual’ to represent how many people are speaking.

I think it will help to get a basic book from the library if you can find one, and find basic dictionaries to start with…

It is a good idea to start with Standard Arabic as that is what you will hear on the news and on the radio throughout the Arab world.

Thank you so much, I just love those links, I started to practise, I know some grammar, basic verbs. I find this method wonderful, it combines reading and speaking, you can replay to hear the pronunciation which in my case is a big help since my mother tong is French.


can i ask why you want learn arbic language?
my mother language is arabic
and i need learn english


Welcome on LingQ!
For the moment we have only few Arabic lessons.
We need more Arabic lessons.
It would be fine if you share some in the library!


Hi all!

I know I’m replying so late, but I’ve just joined lingq. I’m from Egypt, so if you need help in Arabic please tell me :wink:

By the way, isn’t there a special forum for each language? I wanna watch the one considering the Arabic.

Welcome to LingQ, MahaHendy!

I’ve been wondering about Arabic on LingQ. I used it for the first time this morning, and every seems fine - so far.

As with Esperanto (and perhaps all the “beta” languages), I wish there were more lessons.

It seems that Egyptian Arabic would be the best dialect for a westerner to learn first, if only because it’s the most widely spoken / understood in the Arab world.

And yes, there should be an Arabic forum. That might encourage more lesson-making too! (Same with Esperanto.)

When Latin was added and some members were enthusiastic about it, I asked if we could have a Latin forum, but I was told that they only have forums for the supported languages and Lithuanian, due to the high percentage of paying members from that country.

Thanks, russophile82! :slight_smile: Actually I was the girl’s voice (the bad voice haha) in “Who is she?” in Arabic. I don’t know if you listened to it.
Well, as I don’t know what is interesting for friends who wanna learn Arabic, I’ll try to write every lesson in both; standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic.
Any way, I intended to write a text about the Arabic language and the Egyptian dialect. I’ll let you know when I upload it.

Unfortunately, it seems there won’t be a forum for arabic until it’s a supported language.


Im Moment konnte ich nur “ask your tutor” für Arabisch finden.

Im “content forum” findest Du auch einige Einträge.

Ich meine aber, dass es einmal ein "Arabic Forum"gab. Ahmad und ich haben dort mehrmals geschrieben.Aber das ist sehr lange her!!


MahaHendy, oh so that was you! Thank you for your work! Your voice isn’t bad, haha. You don’t stumble over every second or third word, like I do :wink: I very much enjoy the “Who is She?” story, so it’s great to see it becoming available in Arabic.
So, how different, would you say, are Egyptian Arabic and Standard Arabic from each other? Do you recommend studying both at the same time? Is it better to learn SA first?

mikebond, I was wondering about the Lithuanian forum - thanks for explaining. It’s slightly unusual that Lithuanian isn’t available to study, in that case. Although I’m guessing the number of people who want to study it is significantly lower than that of Esperanto and even Latin.

@ Jolanda, thank you very much :slight_smile: I hope we can talk some time in german :slight_smile:

@ russophile82 :smiley: I hate my recorded voice, it’s like a robot or something. I’m glad you like Who is she. I see that most of people who learn arabic like it, so we will upload the whole series إن شاء الله (that’s “God willing” in Arabic :wink:
Well, it’s always very hard to try to think like a foreign language learner. But I think egyptian arabic is considered to be very different from satndard arabic (may be more than the others arabic dialects). I think deciding what to learn first is depending on your goal or need of learning. So, if you wanna hear the news, read papers or books for example you need to learn standard arabic. But if you want to learn what people say in every day life in Egypt, then standard arabic will not be necessary.
May be you can try to read every text in both languages and try to compare and notice the similars.
i hope my answer was helpful :slight_smile:

Very helpful, Maha! I would love to travel across the Arabic-speaking world one day; so speaking is equally (if not even more) important to me as reading. Of course the problem is the dialects. And yet, I’ve heard that Egyptian Arabic is the most understood throughout the nations because of its cultural exports like movies, music, etc. Standard Arabic is said to be “weird” for most people to hear or speak in, even if they do understand it. I might just eventually learn a little bit of each dialect, while focusing on both Egyptian and Standard Arabic in terms of fluent understanding. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, I’m so so sorry that I’m replying so late. May be you thought I’m already dead, I had and still have a lot to do :S Actually I recorded a text about the arabic dialects about a month ago, but I couldn’t even find the time to upload it! I think that text can be helpful for you. But I don’t consider the dialects should be a problem for you, cause all arabic countries do understand standard Arabic, and it wouldn’t be weird to be heard from a foreigner :wink: Just begin your journey across the arabic wolrd with Egypt :smiley:

On Thursday I’m travelling to another Arabic country :D, which is Saudi Arabia. I won’t be late for more than 2 weeks, and when I come back I will always try to get some time for lingq.

Good luck with learning Arabic, and don’t hesitate if you have a question!


May be you would like to read this article:

This gives a feeling of the difficulties encountered by Arabic students and what to expect :wink:

@ Muhannad :
I prefer this article, which explain why Arabic and other Semitic languages are easy ! :wink: