Arabic - in need of content!

Hello !

The arabic library seems to be suffering from starvation! Especially beginner material. I would really like to study some simple continuing stories like “who is she”, but i do not seem to find more episodes than the first two.

If anyone is an arabic speaker it would be really nice to see some more beginner lessons in this particular style, because right now, there really aren’t a lot to choose from…

Another request, that i hope not to be too difficult, is that the text be read in standard arabic. I have a hard time following the soundfiles already there, and i think they might be in the Egyptian dialect (correct me if i am wrong)

I realise that Arabic is a beta language, and that it probably is not among the most popular languages in here - but maybe that were to change, if it was made more acessible in terms of material.

Hope anyone is out there!


Check the links here for some copyrighted beginner content

Thank you dooo. natueal arabic indeed looks like a good source for good arabic content. It’s a shame though, that something similar cannot be found here at lingq. I suppose i’ll have to study this particular language with other sources then. It’s a shame though, because i really like the system here.